The DFG Research Group “Political Communication in the online world” works together with a number of international partners for a greater involvement in the international community of online communication. There is a possibility for members of the research unit as well as international partners to present theoretical and methodological concepts of the individual sub-projects to an international expert community at international conferences or workshops. So the research group will make a contribution for the international network of political communication to further expand.

The research unit works together with a number of international partners. For more information see the list below.

Thomas J. Johnson, Texas Tech University (Website)
Barbara K. Kaye, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Website)
Dietram A. Scheufele, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Website)
William P. Eveland, The Ohio State University (Website)
Michael Xenos, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Website)
Dhavan V. Shah, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Website)
Lance Bennett, University of Washington (Website)